It was said that before the Kel’Narian War, Magic Energy on the Cruzan continent was weak and could barely be felt in some places, but at the very least there was peace. Then something happened around the year 0 of the Age of Pallas, which caused for an exponential number of wizards to be born and countless monsters to appear. All over the continent there was panic, but so far not something that the countries couldn’t handle. In but a few years, they had already adapted thanks to the famed Adventurers Guild.

In the year 21 of the Age of Pallas, the Demon Lord Kel’Narian made his appearance on the Vormulian Isle. Four years later, he conquered the Northern Lands. The kingdoms that once ruled there were subsequently erased from history.

Many say that if Kel’Narian was brought to a halt on that lone Isle, then the Demon Empire would have never came to be. The Zeldoar Empire chose to ignore this threat, and they soon came to regret this decision.

It was the year 29 of the Age of Pallas when this empire ceased to be. The demons took over the land and the refugees fled to the southern parts of the continent. Soon followed what was known as the Year of Silence, 32 AP.

On the first day of the month Olfav, the hero Pallas Herviand formed the first ever front against the demonic invaders from the North by using a humble outpost in the Dark Woods as a headquarters. Many nobles and brave warriors joined his cause. The war of attrition began and ended in the year 36 AP thanks to the valiant efforts of the Varam Empire’s army and the hero who managed to slay Emperor Kel’Narian.

Since then, the demons remained in the Northern Lands, now known as Korungor, and for almost 800 years, they had never tried to attack again. Not even so much as a scout party could be seen crossing the border.

But just as the seasons change, so does the world. Over time, the Varam Empire turned into the Varam Kingdom; magic was now widespread in every corner of the Cruzan Continent and it changed both its flora and fauna.

For more than 700 years there was peace between the demons and the humans, but now shadows began to stir in the North, and only a few wise men sought to listen to the rumors whispered in the wind, at least for now.

This is where your story begins. What you will come to uncover on your journeys may be the truth behind it all…