Azuran Tales: The Outpost

Azuran Tales: The Outpost is a game that blends together traditional RPG elements with base and hero management systems set in a Fantasy world. Play through the Story Campaign and test your Followers against the rising threat of the Demon Army knocking on Varam Kingdom’s doorsteps.

Expansive World

The Nobles of Varam Kingdom are always eager to help the player as long as he is famous enough. Using Influence, the Player can open up new territories and unlock new content to play through.

Complex Crafting

A well geared Follower is a happy Follower! Take a moment to craft powerful items that will help your Followers fare better in Missions and Adventures.


By upgrading the Outpost’s buildings, the player can improve the flow of the game, allowing him to have more Followers, better gear, and more resources.

Follower Management

Your Followers are the blood of the Outpost. Having better geared Followers with high morale will increase the chance of success in Missions and Adventures. Invest time in balancing them out before you send them off.

Story Rich Campaign

Follow Captain Herviand as he leads his Followers on a quest to uncover the mysteries behind the sudden stir of the demons in Korungor. With every step you take to advance the story, you uncover more of the ancient history of the Cruzan Continent and learn the truth behind what happened more than seven centuries ago.

Rich Expansive Lore

There are a lot of things to discover on the Cruzan Continent. As you play, you will find out more and more about the world’s past and what makes it tick.


Your Followers can be sent out on time-based Missions to fight enemies and gather materials. By upgrading their gear and improving their morale, you can increase their chances of success.

Engaging Adventures

Guide the Captain of the Outpost together with his trusted Followers on Adventures that take place all over the Varam Kingdom. Fight enemies, gather items, and uncover mysteries as you progress through each and every Adventure.